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As you walk through the bustling plaza, you spot a large bulletin board close to The Great Tree. The dark wood gleams where the rays of sunlight hit it. On it, you read a sign saying, “Hear ye! Hear ye! The King has made a proclamation!” you'll find all the latest news and gossip from every corner of Cybura!

Mar 23, 2016 at 4:58am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
Saber Tooth Tigers! Read More

In today's forecast we have Saber Tooth Tigers! And as always we have created an alternate version to show off our advanced color system. We hope you like em'! *points below* What are you waiting for?


Now I know it is hard to spot the difference between the adult and elder, but they are there, so let's play a game shall we? Any thing that you notice on the elder that differs from the Adult then state it in your comment. :D And now onto the alternate version, Zebra Sabers anyone?


Alright, that's all for now, until next time folks!

Mar 23, 2016 at 4:56am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
Sharks, Outfit Previews & Forums! Read More

"OMG! Where's our update?! It's the end of the week!", ok ok, sorry for the delay and here it is! :) This week we will show you another one of Cybura's pets but this time we will be releasing our first aquatic pet! Alright folks, please run away from give a warm welcome to Cybura's Shark pet!


And in order we have the Baby, Adult, and Elder versions of the dangerous shark and of course the advance color system applies to all pets so here is an example using the shark pet ok, don't say I did not warn you to run...:


Ok, now remember our second Bulletin Board update? The one where we introduced our Character Bases and also announced that you may now order a custom outfit to use for your character on our permanent forums? Well we have received 2 custom outfit orders and they have been completed! We would like to share these with you, to the left we have the user Syachi's OC Silas and to the right we have the OC Sever and the owner's username is still being decided:

OC_Silas_Preview.png                      OC_Sever_Preview.png

If you'd like to use your OC instead of the default one on our permanent forums then be sure to Order your Custom Outfit here! And we shall wrap this update up by letting you know the current status of our permanent forums. We think you will be pleased to know that all of the programming for our forums has been completed, so what's next you ask? Well, now we are testing to make sure everything works and there are no bugs and we are waiting on the art for the forums to be completed. So with that said, we have set a launch date for our forums and this date is: March 20, 2016! We hope you are as excited as we are and Alpha testers will be able to join 4 days earlier to help us make sure that the launch goes as smoothly as possible, so Alpha Testers get to register and test starting: March 16, 2016! That's all for now, see you next week and thanks for reading! ^^

Mar 23, 2016 at 4:54am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
New Pet + Revamps & Obtainable Avatar! Read More

Soooo... I would like to start this update off by saying that we are not able to launch the permanent forums this week sadly. I know it keeps getting pushed back but we are putting a lot of effort into it and trying to make sure the launch will go as smooth as possible. And not sure if this will excite any of you but the forums are being built to support Roleplay and we hope you will enjoy your time there when it launches! Hopefully we can have it up next week (or at least have everything done and set an official launch date), third time's the charm right?

Alright, this week's update should prove to be an exciting one, first off we have a new pet that we'd like to show you. Please welcome our Kitsune pet!


In order we have the Baby, Adult, and Elder version of the Kitsune. Now I am sure you might have noticed that the art-style of this pet is different from the pets we have already released. Why is that you ask? Well, just like our Character Bases we have finally found an artist that can do the style of art we wanted for our pets, so this means that the previously released pets will be getting an art revamp! And remember our advanced color system? You know the one we talked about last week where you can change any visible color to any hex color code? We think you will be pleased to know that it does not only apply to our Character Bases & outfits but to pets as well! Here is an example that I did to show the advanced color system on our new Kitsune pet:


Lastly, we have a small event going on where you can obtain the "Stalker Avatar" if you meet the requirements. Now we are not going to tell you what the requirements are or else it really wouldn't be any fun or challenge at all, but don't worry, the requirement to get this avatar is not too difficult and you just might obtain it without even trying. The amazing avatar can be found below!


That's all we have for you this week, be sure to share your thoughts.

Mar 23, 2016 at 4:48am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
Characters, Forum & Custom Outfits! Read More

Hello again! This week we show off Cybura's new character bases! For those of you who have been following us from the beginning you should know what our previous character bases looked like. We have been through tons of base designs for the characters and we are happy to announce that we have finally found an artist that could deliver what we were looking for, not that the other artists did not deliver great art, it's just that the art did not fit what we had in mind for Cybura. But anyways, enough of my blabbering, I know present to you, Cybura's final character base:

Male_Base_Preview.png                      Female_Base_Preview.png

Now if you don't know already, Cybura offers advanced customization meaning that you can choose things like if you want gloves to be on both hands or just one, do you want you character to have matching socks with their new pair of shoes, or if you want the hood of your hoodie on or off. You can also change any visible color that you can see (minus the line art, shading, and highlights) to any hex color code, so for example if you wanted your character to have one red(#ff0000) iris and one blue(#0000ff) iris then you can do so, and yes the pupil and scelra are customizable as well. The color customization is also available on clothing as well!

Characters start out with the outfit you see above and will allow you to customize it's colors. There will be a few starter hairstyles and facial features available to choose from when creating a character as well. And let's not forget about our advanced layering system that will allow you to mix an match different pieces of clothing! Shirts, pants, socks, and shoes, every outfit you see, each piece is separate and can act as a stand-alone item. I created one of my OC's using the customization system and here he is:


Ok, remember how last week I said we are looking to have the forums up and running by this week hopefully? Well, we are still not finished with all the programming for it, however we do have some design previews for you to take a look at, they are not final but let us know what you think!

forum_preview1.png forum_preview2.png forum_preview3.png

And last but not least, Custom Outfits! In order to get some more funding for Cybura we are offering custom outfits that you can use with our character bases above. The price is $40 for a complete non-complex outfit and $50 for a complex outfit, please note that custom outfits cannot utilize our advance color system. We are implementing characters into our permanent forums which means you will be able to use your OC's before Alpha! The time to migrate your OC's to the world of Cybura is now! To place your order please post on this thread whether you want to order a complex or non-complex outfit and you will be contacted for further detail and to complete your order.

Alrighty, that concludes this weeks update and we hope you are as excited as we are for Cybura!

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Mar 23, 2016 at 4:44am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
Site Layout, Updates & Permanent Forums! Read More


I'd like to start this off by saying: "OMG! It's been a while since our last update!". Yes, we apologize, it has been far too long but the good news is that the lack of updates does not mean that nothing has been going on, we have some updates in store for you. With that said, let's talk about today's updates!

First we have Cybura's site layout. Nothing is final on this layout but we have managed to complete the PSD to HTML conversion of the layout's base. The only links that work at the moment are the ones that link to the homepage of the site and the one that links to our temporary forums. Again, this layout is not final so things will be added and possibly subtracted from it.


Next we have Cybura updates! Updates will be posted on this page as well as our forums and will hopefully happen more often now that we have the base layout HTML done. How does the layout make a difference you ask? Well, now that we have the layout, we can start implementing the features of Cybura and making them final(meaning now we can mark a feature as 100% complete and ready for Alpha), we believe presentation is important because who wants to see a preview of a feature that consists of a white background and black borders/lines? Sure it'll give the general idea but... yeah, we hope you get the point, if not then mark this as a fail for me because I suck at explaining things.


Lastly, we would like to let you know that we will be removing the temporary forums and replacing it with our permanent forums. This means that you will be able to register a Cybura account and start getting your post count up! It should also eliminate the bots we are having an issue with on the temp forums. We are working on the programming for our permanent forums and hope to have it launched by next week at the latest. Please note that your post count and anything obtained from any events we might have will be yours to keep, however, your username is not final. Everything will be reset but we will keep logs of everything and implement a code when we launch (starting with Alpha) that will allow you to transfer the things you've worked hard for to your new registered username. Also, please note that registering for our permanent forums does not include Alpha access, for guaranteed Alpha access please see our fundraiser here.

Alright, that concludes this update, don't forget to follow us by clicking the icons in the bottom right of this page and be sure to write a comment.

Buh-bye for now,
<3 Cybura Staff