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As you walk through the bustling plaza, you spot a large bulletin board close to The Great Tree. The dark wood gleams where the rays of sunlight hit it. On it, you read a sign saying, “Hear ye! Hear ye! The King has made a proclamation!” you'll find all the latest news and gossip from every corner of Cybura!

Oct 02, 2018 at 11:00pm Cy
Posted by: Cybura
Halloween Event, New Staff, Squashed Bugs! Read More

Woot! Update time! As you all know, Halloween is coming up, and we have some fun things planned for all of you.

Cybura is proud to announce its brand-new moderation team. Following the closure of mod apps, we selected two outstanding applicants to be our first moderators. Please congratulate both @Ellelamental and @ShadowStrike (r), who are our new mods in training. Please feel to break them in, just not too much.

Additionally, Cybura is looking into creating our very own writing and art teams. We are looking for artists who can match the current style of art. Artists would be tasked with a variety of projects, including, but not limited to backgrounds, characters, items, and markings. If you are interested in applying, you can find the artist applications here. Artist applications will be open for 3 weeks. The deadline for artist applications is October 24, 2018, 11:59 pm CT, extensions may be given to applicants, but messages requesting them must be sent to Spitfyre no later than October 21, 2018, 11:59 pm CT,. To become a part of our writing team, you can find the application here. The application will be open for two weeks, and will close October 17, 2018, 11:59 pm CT. Writers will be focusing in developing site lore, as well as working on item and page descriptions.

Halloween, which I’m sure is what everyone is looking forward to, will be celebrated this year with two events. Staff will be running a design contest! Please be prepared to design your scariest, spookiest companions. The contest will be launched soon, so keep an eye out for it. We will also be having a Premium Halloween Event too!

Yet another mystery occurring in the Haunted Forest, and this time it is not Trick-or-Treat Buckets laying about but rather large, creepy looking Jack-O-Lanterns instead! Officials have no idea where they come from and advise all Citizens to keep clear of the Haunted Forest! But not all Citizens are listening to this warning, they need to see the "Evil Jacks" for themselves, some would swear that they were being followed, some even claim that they have heard the Jacks speak! And well... some even resort to crushing the poor things with a Demonic Mallet, due to the rumor going around that you will find items inside the Evil Jack if you do. And there is a second rumor that claims if you call for the Evil Jack by shouting "Oh Evil Jaaack!", then they are guaranteed to appear... Welp! Guess there is only one way to find out! *takes out Demonic Mallet* "Oh Evil Jaaack~!"


So, this year, our Halloween Event will run similar to the 15 Days of Christmas one, except with 31 all new spooky items, a bonus item for those who place at least one Demonic Mallet on each day and a Super Bonus for those who max out by placing 5 Mallets per day! Super bonus will be an exclusive outfit chest that contains a full, themed outfit! So here's a quick summary on how this event works. First, purchase however many quantities of Demonic Mallet you want from the Token Shop. Next visit the event's page located under the "Play" tab to place your Mallets on the desired days, if you place multiple on one day then you will receive multiple of that day's item(s). Also, remember that you MUST place your mallets BEFORE each event day begins, if the day has begun or passed, you will no longer be able to place mallets on that day, so be sure to start placing immediately! And that's it! Wait for the event to start on October 07, 2018 and you will receive a popover like below each day and well... SMASH THOSE EVIL JACKS AND GET WHAT'S YOURS!

(Click to see larger image)

Lastly, Lyro has been hard at work fixing bugs. Here are the bugs which have been fixed, and the bugs that are currently in the process of being fixed.
~Bugged companions should no longer be appearing. We have compiled a list of bugged companions and are slowly working through fixing them all manually.
~Grass is now functioning correctly.

Look forward to the next update with nests!

Sep 03, 2018 at 7:11pm Cy
Posted by: Cybura
New Items, Auctions, & Explore Preview! Read More

Heya! It's time for another update! And there are some exciting previews for you as well!

So, first thing's first! That Auction House is now open, meaning you can now auction off any of your items (up to 12 in an auction). You can select the bid currency, starting price, minimum increment, duration, and even provide a description for your auction!

(Click to see larger image)

Next, show off your valuables or achievements you are proud of in your showroom! Citizens can view your showroom from your profile, be sure to stock it up with all sorts of shinIes, or have a themed showroom!

(Click to see larger image)

Also, we have added a bit of an incentive for citizens to be more socially active, you will now earn currency when engaging in or starting a new discussion (< 21 words = 1 Coin/Byte, < 41 words = 2 Coins/Bytes, < 61 words = 3 Coins/Bytes, < 100 words = 4 Coins/Bytes, >= 100 words = 5 Coins/Bytes) (x2 for bulletin board posts) (5 Coins/Bytes for new discussions). The amount of currency earned is double when responding to a bulletin board post, so be sure to leave your thoughts on this one. :)

(Click to see larger image)

And now, for the Gardening update! There are two new seed pouches available for use while gardening, Grass Sees and Wheat Seeds, these both will be beneficial for the Nest Location feature, so be sure to start growing and harvesting now. :) The axe has also been added, so no more breaking twigs with a hammer! Oh, and speaking of twigs, these can now be collected using the glove tool and will be added to your travel bag, these are also essential for nest locations.


Seeds are now available in the Gardening Supplies store as well as the Token Shop, which also has quite a few new items of it's own. Be sure to visit and take a look at the new companion-related items that are available, like Gene Vials, Opacity affecting Cream, and even Sex Changing Potions!


Purchasing a Gene Vial from the Token Shop will allow you to choose the desired hex color of the gene but some vials are available in the new shop Wonderfully Vial, which will stock randomly colored Gene Vials, each vial reflects the color it will give.

(Click to see larger image)

Along with that news, you may now send a gift of Tokens or Alpha/Beta Access to anyone via their email address, so even if they are not yet a citizen of Cybura, you can still send to them and they will receive a redemption code to use once they become a citizen, pretty neat huh?

(Click to see larger image)

And here are some honorable mentions of some smaller changes:

1. Email activation for new accounts.
2. Event Text is now static, no need to wait for it to "type out".
3. Newsletter emails are now being sent out via MailChimp, so no need to worry about the duplicate email bug, and also ensures everyone gets a copy.
4. Age Added to Companion's Profile

Another important notice is that Staff Applications are now open! There is a bit more activity on Cybura, as well as more planning, support, and things of that nature that needs to be done and is now a bit too challenging for one guy to handle. :p Though, I have been receiving a bit of help from @Spitfyre, so, let's officially welcome them as an Official! Apply to become an Official by following the instructions in This Discussion, that is located in the Official's Headquarters. Also, here is a word from our new Official:


"Greetings! Welcome! Howdy!

I'm Spitfyre, your friendly neighborhood head admin. Please, feel free to call me Spitfyre or Fyre. I'm never incredibly fond of the somewhat inevitable "Spit", but as long as I know you're talking to me, you're sure to get a response. I'm available if you have any questions. Please feel free to reach out to me, my PMs and DMs are always open. I might not always get back to you immediately since I do work a full time job, but I will always get back to you as soon as I can. I promise I don't bite, even if my characters Sli and Mac probably would. I'm much more friendly than they are."


And now for something I have been a bit excited to release! We have commissioned a map of the ACZ to clear up the many and rather boring nav links, and also paint a better picture of the ACZ! It is still W.I.P at the moment and some things are being changed like the font size of the text, but let us know what you think of the lined version, and say hello to a much easier way to navigate. :D (*a little voice whispers* And roleplay imagery)

(Click to see larger image)

That's it for this update, and the next update will be a rather large one with the explore map and... *drumroll* ... NEST LOCATIONS! So that means you will be able to hatch some of those lovely eggs soon enough!


Thank you for playing Cybura!

Aug 15, 2018 at 9:55pm Cy
Posted by: Cybura
Swaps, Companion Profiles & Much More! Read More

Hello Everyone! There are quite a few things to list in this update, so we are going to do just that, list the new or updated features along with some screen captures of them. Sound good? Then let's get started!

Firstly, I am sure most you have noticed already, but a Discord widget has been added at the bottom of the user panel, be sure to join us if you haven't already!


Next, we have a feature that should have been implemented much sooner and is long overdue, you may now split/separate stacks via your Travel Bag or storage.

(Click to see larger image)

Oh, and I am sure you will be pleased to know that companion aging is now a thing, which means your companions can now grow older going from baby to elder, meaning you will be able to mate your baby companions one day! And for inquiring minds, it takes 2 weeks to grow from a baby into an adult and 2 months to go from an adult to an elder, so 2 Months and 2 Weeks until it's elder stage.


Speaking of companions, markings have been added to cover all of the age groups for each species, which means that the Adult Ice Dragon can now use each marking in the Breeding Simulator. Along with that, Elders have been added to the wild and the levels have been altered for the adult and elder stages.

(@Reakeda's Seaside Sunset (#217))

Next, we go on to probably the largest feature in this update, Swaps. Players can now use swaps to exchange items as well as currency. You can have up to 12 items on a swap lot and include a message of what you are seeking to swap for if you want. Also, you may browse swaps or search for swaps containing a specific item.

(Click to see larger image)

(Click to see larger image)

But let's not forget about the player shop additions, you will now be notified if anything from your shop sells, who bought it, the quantity they've purchased, how much you made and what currency was used. Along with that, we have added a player shop search feature, which can be found under the "Shops" menu.

(Click to see larger image)

(Click to see larger image)

(Click to see larger image)

And while we are on the topic of shops, two new NPC shops have been added which both are using temporary NPC's. These shops are Taming Supplies and the Fashion Boutique. It's time to get your taming spheres/capsules and keep a lookout for new fashion.

(Click to see larger image)

(Click to see larger image)

Alright, so we have yet another feature that should have been added sooner, but adding it now is good because at lease we were able to place pet gene data on there now, give a round of applause for companion profiles!

(Click to see larger image)

Also, in an attempt to try and bring more users and activity to Cybura, we have added some potential benefits to referring new players. If you refer a new player and they purchase Alpha Access, you will receive Alpha Access as well or 5 Tokens if you already are an Alpha user. Same goes for if you refer them and they purchase Beta Access, you will receive Beta Access or 3 Tokens if you already have Beta Access. So now if you are unable to get Alpha or Beta access yourself, you could gain it just by referring someone who is able to. But if you refer them and they make a token purchase then you will receive 50% of the token amount they purchased (For clarity, if they purchase 50 Tokens, they will receive all 50 and in addition you get 25, but not 25 of their actual tokens.). So pretty much, when the new player makes their first purchase, you will receive a bonus for your referral.

(Click to see larger image)

Lastly, for players without Alpha Access, we have updated the trial popover to include a button that reads "Not Now (Delay for 10min.)", which will dismiss the popover for 10 minutes, allowing you to read bulletin board posts without starting your trial, as well as choose when you want to start your trial (thanks goes to @Mandalay for this suggestion)! And even more exciting news is that every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) non-Alpha players who login will be able to enjoy full Alpha Access! That's 48 Hours of Alpha you can enjoy every weekend! The First Alpha Weekend starts from 8/18/2018 - 8/19/2018 11:59pm!

(Click to see larger image)

We hope everyone enjoys and thank you for playing Cybura!

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Aug 03, 2018 at 5:33am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
It's Mating Season! ... Well, not Really... Read More

Greetings Cyburians! Are you ready for some companion mating? Yes, the time has come! We are knocking out things on the to-do list left and right, and it feels good!

Soooo.... You may now mate your adult and elder companions! Just visit your companions page and click on the heart icon for the two companions you would like to breed! And before you ask, yes, the mating feature includes the possibility of mating one of your companions with one of another players, just click on the heart icon located on their companions page, select your companion and send the request for their approval! A Nature's Star item is required for mating, but more on that later.


(Click to see larger image)


(Click to see larger image)

Listed below is some useful information regarding mating:

1. Breeding produces 1-3 eggs, 0-1 per day, the first day's egg is guaranteed.
2. Adult Males and Females, and Elder Males can breed. Elites, Baby and Elder Females cannot.
3. Adult Males can mate with up to 4 females at a time. Adult Females and Elder Males are limited to one mate at a time.
4. There is a 4-day cool-down for female companions.
5. Yes, twins are possible. Aka double-yolk in one egg.


Now, in regards to the Nature's Star item, there are a few ways it can be obtained. The first way is that a wild companion could be holding it, which you will receive upon taming them. The next way will be from completing mating-related missions in the (near) future. And lastly, you may purchase a pack of x50 from the Token Shop and help fund Cybura's development (It's greatly appreciated!).


And last but not least, we have a few minor things that were updated:

1. Players shops can now be accessed from the player's profile.
2. The "View All" link on player profiles now works and shows all their companions.
3. Companion id # now shows next to name.
4. Companion's sex now shows when naming and their name defaults to their species.

And that's pretty much it for this update! The next major thing we will be working on is Nest Locations, which is the process of like incubating/caring for your eggs to get them to their hatch-able state. But before that we will be doing some other updates like Swaps, Auction House, Companion Ageing, Showroom and a few other things as well. We hope you are enjoying things so far!

Thank you for playing Cybura and for your support! Until next time!

Jul 28, 2018 at 12:03am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
Encounter & Taming + Welcome Pack, Oh Boy Read More

Hello fellow Citizens! Tis' I, the bulletin board poster! Before we get into our wonderful update today, we would like to make an official announcement that the garden feature has been updated to go without watered for up to 96hrs! Hopefully this will help the feature not be so much of a pain in the tush! So, with that said, let us get into today's update!

So, we will start off by announcing that every new Citizen of Cybura will receive a free welcome pack. This welcome pack will include 500 Currency (either bytes or tokens, depends on chosen realm), as well as Basic Taming Sphere (x5) and Basic Taming Capsule (x5). Isn't that wonderful?


And what are these taming object for you may be wondering? Well that brings us to the next portion of out update, the Encounter & Taming feature! You can trigger a wild companion encounter by exploring Cybura, and once you do, you can decide whether to engage that companion or flee from it. If you choose to engage, then you will need to lower their temper by feeding them berries that you have grown or obtained elsewhere, but please be advised that they are picky on which berries they like. Once your feel their temper has been lowered enough, or even feel lucky enough to tame them at the height of their temper, then select either a Taming Sphere or Taming Capsule and hope for the best! Oh, and one last thing, the wild companion does have a chance of running away from you (excluding Elites), but is less likely to do so the more you calm it down.

(Click to see larger image)

(Click to see larger image)

(Click to see larger image)

(Click to see larger image)

(Click to see larger image)

Also, packs of x99 Basic Taming Capsules, Basic Taming Spheres, and also berries are being sold in the Token Shop for 5 Tokens, if you feel the need to stock up and want to support the development of Cybura at the same time. And that pretty much sums up this update, keep an eye out for the next update that will include pet breeding and nest locations!

(Can you encounter an Elite? Or better yet, can you tame it?...)

Thank you for playing Cybura and for your support! Until next time!

Jul 09, 2018 at 2:28am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
Player Shops, Missions & More! Read More

It's about that time again to where we roll out another update, so let's jump right in!

So some Citizens have been requesting all the current markings to be added to the Breeding Simulator for all species, well, today you're in luck!... Well... Sort of... All of the markings that we had the PSD's for are added to the simulator but the Adult Ice Dragon PSD is currently MIA and we have the Elder one instead. So all markings, the adult Ice Dragon being the exception are added and we need to commission those ones.

(Click to see larger image)

Alright, speaking of commissioning the markings for the Adult Ice Dragon, the next set of feature we will be working on are: Companion Encounter & Taming, Companion Breeding, Nest Locations/Companion Egg Care, & Bigger Marking selection. And as usual, the programming is not the issue, rather the art. As a game in development and with the costs of the quality artwork, we definitely need your help! So if you'd like to help out then we have our Token Shop filled with many great items, or if you see nothing you want at this time, you could just purchase a few tokens to have on hand for when something is released that you have interest in. And of course, you can also support us by spreading the word to others and coming online to play Cybura each day. :) Oh, and there is also a new chest available, if you want to check that out.


Next, we have now added a "Sell" and "Exchange" feature to NPC shops! Have items you want to sell because you are in need of quick currency? Click on the sell tab and see what items the shop will purchase back and for what price. Shops will only buy back items that they sell, and once you sell to a shop then those items will be added to it's stock for other players to purchase! The Exchange feature allows you to exchange a quantity of your items for other items that the shop sells. For example, in the Gardening Supplies store, you can exchange x4 Seeds for a bag of seeds of the same type! And before we forget, we have implemented an Auto-Stack features when buying from NPC Shops, so items will now stack on their own when purchased!

(Click to see larger image)

And now... it is time to head to Headquarters to get ahead in life... >.> But all joking aside, you may now take on various new missions available at the Official's Headquarters! For the moment they are all garden-related but that will change in the future, especially with upcoming companion-related features. Some missions will be re-playable and others won't, so if a mission reappears then it is because it is indeed re-playable. And of course, for each mission you complete, there is a reward for doing so. :D

(Click to see larger image)

It's time to set up shop! You may now open your very own shop to sell your items to other citizens for Coins, Bytes, or even Tokens! You can set your own shop name and description as well as what currency your shop will take! So be sure to take a look at that when you have the chance.

(Click to see larger image)

(Click to see larger image)

And last but not least, we have yet another OC brought to the world of Cybura! Be sure to say hello to @Spitfyre's OC Mac! Just... we suggest you watch your back after you turn around from doing so... X'D If you would like to bring an OC to Cybura then be sure to grab a Custom Outfit Voucher from the Token Shop.


Thank you for playing Cybura and for your support! Until next time!

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Jun 20, 2018 at 3:46am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
Shark Evolution, New Store & More! Read More

Greetings Citizens! ... What?... Wasn't expecting another update so soon? Well, as mentioned before, we will be making updates smaller and more frequent, or that is the idea at least... So, shall we continue?

Gardening is tough work, and sometimes you may get injured, well, no worries! Prof. Osmond is here to save the Day! He will nurse you back into good health free of charge! Though... try not to bug him more than once within a 2 hour period, the little guy works hard enough, cut him some slack!... Please? XD

(Click to see larger image)

And Ossie's not the only one looking out for you, Eden has opened up the Gardening Supplies store and is running it until the owner gets back in town, isn't she useful? Time to do some shopping!

(Click to see larger image)

Now, while we are on the subject of shopping, lets talk a bit about Cybura's currencies. Cybura has 3 total currencies: Coins, Bytes, and Royal Tokens. Royal Tokens can be used in any NPC shop, no matter what realm you are in, if you do not have enough Coins or Bytes for an item but have Royal Tokens instead, then you are given that option. Now, as for Coins and Bytes, each shop in the ACZ will allow you to purchase items using any of the 3 currencies, though, only the currency you have set as default will be displayed along with the Royal Tokens option. You can update your default currency in your PC Settings. And lastly, Bytes are not accepted for shops in the Realm of Truth and Coins not accepted in the Realm of Deception... but you don't need to worry about that until Beta.

(Click to see larger image)

Okay, so, in the Gardening Supplies store you will be able to purchase berries as well as seeds, and eventually, you will be harvesting your own berries. With that said, your Citizens may now consume berries to replenish their hunger and some berries do even more! (Choking Hazard: Berries may contain seeds!)

(Click to see larger image)

And next, we have something that should have been implemented much, much sooner... Confirmation of important actions. So when you are about to take an important action, then you will be asked to confirm your decision, this way, we can help prevent any oopsies.

(Click to see larger image)

Lastly, since we have the evolutions of each species just sitting around and unseen by your eyes, with the exception of the Kitsune... We will go ahead and release them to you in the smaller updates, so, with that said we now bring you... The Shark Evolution! (And as always, an alternate colored version) (Alaris’s Art Gallery updated.)


Thank you for playing Cybura and for your support! We hope you are enjoying yourselves so far, and until next time!

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Jun 17, 2018 at 5:34am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
New NPC: Meet Eden & Become A Gardener! Read More

Heya Folks! It's time to roll out yet another update, and this time, I avoided the 1-month mark by 6 Days! w00t! Soooo... Let's get to it then, shall we?

I am sure most of you have already noticed the new stat bars popping up all over the place. So yes, stats are programmed, however in the ACZ the only ones you will be using/seeing change will be your citizen's health, hunger, and stamina.


What will be the current use of these stats here in the ACZ? Well, that leads us to the main part of our update! The gardening feature! Health can decrease while working, stamina decreases as you work, and hunger decreases over time and affects the amount of stamina used per action. Eden will teach you all that you need to know and give you the necessary tools to get started in an all new tutorial mission!

(Click to see larger image)

(Click to see larger image)

Next up, the Token Shop's stock has been updated with new items and also updated to allow bundled items! The Token Shop Exclusive in this batch are the Elite Berries. Berries can be harvested up to 3 times and yields 3 berries per harvest. Berries will be useful to tame pets in the ACZ, it is a peace zone after all...


Next, we have a new OC brought to the world of Cybura! Please give a warm welcome to @Lunar_Redux's OC Junmaru! If you would like to bring an OC to Cybura then be sure to grab a Custom Outfit Voucher from the Token Shop.


And last but most certainly not least, we have added the Sex Symbol icons to items. Now you can easy identify what can be use on either Male or Female.


And that concludes this update! Be sure to join Cybura's Discord Server to be the first updated and also just hangout and chat!

May 23, 2018 at 3:20am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
Dyeing Machine, Daily Alpha, Hatching & More! Read More

EDIT:: Newsletter feature has been removed due to it sending out multiple of the same emails. Sorry about that!

Hello Citizens! It's time for another update!

This update was intended to be pushed out a bit sooner but with 100 apparel items that had to have layers re-worked... it just wasn't possible... but here it is at last! Also, we will be doing smaller updates from now on so they can come out more frequently. :D

So with that said, let's begin! First on the list we have re-worked the process of hatching your first companion, the way you obtain your first companion still remains the same however. But here are the details on the update:

1. Your first companion will be added to your team, which can be viewed by clicking on the Party icon.

(Click to see larger image)

2. Upon clicking on the icon you will get a popover that will show your current team of companions, which in this case will only have your starter egg in the first slot.

(Click to see larger image)

3. To hatch your first companion, it still requires activity on your part. You must explore Cybura until your egg hatches. All starter eggs require the same amount of activity, however non-starter eggs vary in the amount of activity required.

Alright, so, while we are on the subject of egg hatching, we would also like to inform you that you may now hatch any eggs you have in your inventory! Just add them to your team via your travel bag and then continue on exploring Cybura until the little pretty/pretties hatch! Also, eggs may be obtained through the Token Shop as of this moment, however, please note that this is primarily done to raise funds for Cybura's development & server costs. Eggs will be obtainable in other ways without the need of tokens. More info on egg hatching from your travel bag below!

1. Locate and click on the egg you wish to hatch from your travel bag.

(Click to see larger image)

2. Click on the "Add to Team" button and that's it! Continue exploring Cybura until your new companion(s) hatch.

(Click to see larger image)

Did you notice that lovely colored egg in the last two images? I bet you did! Eggs reflect the markings and colors of the companion that it contains. So when the breeding update rolls out, you can begin making all sorts of beautiful and unique eggs! Speaking of breeding though... the breeding simulator has also been updated to show not only the possible offspring but what their eggs will look like as well!

1. Breeding simulator now shows eggs along with the offspring.

(Click to see larger image)

Now, moving quite along... You may now create additional citizens as well as set which citizen will be the active one. And yes, there is more info below.

1. You may now create an additional citizen by clicking on the "Create New" button located on the "My Citizens" page and following through the shortened character creation process.

(Click to see larger image)

2. To set which citizen you would like to play as, click on the "Make Active" button above the desired citizen's image. This is needed to customize your citizen and in the future explore with, level, etc.

(Click to see larger image)

3. Each player receives 2 free character slots (the initial character you create plus one additional slot). If you would like to bring an additional character to Cybura then you may do so in exchange for 5 Royal Tokens by clicking on the "Additional Slot" button located at the top right of the page.

(Click to see larger image)

And what is a Citizen without their companion(s)? You can now view, add, or remove companions from your team be visiting the "My Companions" page found in the "Account Management" section of your User Panel. *pokes below*

1. View your citizen's current team and remove companions as well by clicking the "Remove" button.

(Click to see larger image)

2. Add companions to your team by clicking on the "Add to Team" button located above the desired companion.

(Click to see larger image)

3. If the companion is already on a team of any of your citizens then an icon will display above their head showing the image of the citizen who currently has them on their team.

(Click to see larger image)

Next we have a bit of a major feature (at least programming and uploading layers felt major lol), yes the one that made the update take longer to be pushed out... Prof. Osmond presents to you... The Colorific Dyeing Machine! With the use of a color cube, you can now change any visible color on apparel and/or companions! This sure brings customization up a notch! Thank you Prof. Osmond! And of course, more details below.

1. Visit the "Colorific Dyeing Machine" page (found under "Play" section of navigation bar) and select either apparel or companion, depending on which you would like to customize.

(Click to see larger image)

2. Select the apparel item from your travel bag or the companion that you would like to customize.

(Click to see larger image)

3. Begin customizing using any hex color code you desire. As you customize the color cube bar at the top will highlight which color cubes can be used for the current customization.

(Click to see larger image)

4. Click on the "Continue" button, select the color cube you wish to use and then click "Finish". Your item is now customized and can be added to your citizen's wardrobe and worn!

(Click to see larger image)

When dyeing apparel, you can only select from the apparel items in your Travel Bag. So with that said, you may now remove items from your wardrobe by clicking on the "Wardrobe" link under the "Play" tab in the navigation bar or by clicking on the "Wardrobe" button on the customization page.

(Click to see larger image)

And last, but most certainly not least, we are heading into Alpha testing stage and most of the new features are locked and only available to players who have purchased an Alpha Access pass. But we do understand that not everyone is able to do so and want to test and play around with all these neat new features, so we are now allowing any and every one to enjoy 1 hour of Alpha Access per day, in which you will have full access to every area of Cybura. Cybura is not a pay-2-play game, however, players who support Cybura's development by purchasing an Alpha and/or Beta pass get to experience the game first.

1. Non-Alpha players will be presented with a popover once per day, where they can start their 1 hour Alpha trial, or, upgrade to Alpha or Beta.

(Click to see larger image)

That pretty much wraps this update up, but before you go, here is a list of a few minor updates:

- Fundraiser has retired
- Easter event ended
- Item description popover now works while shipping

And also here is a little preview of the next big thing we are working on!



Apr 01, 2018 at 11:32pm Cy
Posted by: Cybura
Customize, Easter, Tokens & More! Oh My... Read More

EDIT:: Discord link updated.

EDIT:: Token Shop prices have been adjusted, those of you who have made a purchase have received a refund of the difference.

Hey Every-Bunny! Long time no see? ... Why does this seem to keep happening... -.- Well, we seem to keep having set backs, mainly with art and not to mention the new features takes a bit of work to get them juuuust right and ensure they are the best for our valued players and supporters and lets not forget about the testing time! But gah, this is going to be yet another long bulletin board post, so it is best to get started right away, it's filled with lots of new and exciting things indeed!

Before we move into the new features, we would like to inform you that the last 4 days of the 15 Days of Christmas event are now able to be claimed, so if you haven't already, then do so now. The link can be found in the previous bulletin board post as it has been removed from the main navigation. Oh, and before we forget (again XD), we now have an official Discord server, yay! We will be adding a link to the bottom right of the page alongside the social media icons soon, but for now, you can join by clicking the following link: https://discord.gg/FynWmkg By joining the server you will be able to ask questions and get quick responses as well as receive mini-updates before the official bulletin board post and chat with other users and staff as well. We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Okay, so first thing's first! As I am sure all of you are already aware, today is Easter... at least at the time of writing this bulletin post, late Easter, but still Easter. And yes, our goal was to roll out this update early Easter but that didn't happen... OBVIOUSLY! But with Easter comes an Easter event taking place here in Cybura! To sum things up, you hunt throughout the site for your Easter egg(s) when you notice the egg image appear in the activity diamond at the top center of the page. Once you have found the correct location that egg will glow purple, letting you know, it is time to start scanning the page for your egg(s), click on the egg and claim your prize. This event has both a free and premium portion and consists of 33 unique possible items (18 Free, 15 Premium). And don't forget your party and Easter basket event buffs! Oh, and one more thing, don't forget to login by 4/2/2018 11:59pm PST to receive a cute little bunny avatar! More details below!


1. Login before April 2, 2018 11:59pm PST to receive your Easter Subscriber forum avatar.


2. When you see the Easter egg image appear, then it is time to start searching for your eggs. Eggs can be found on any page excluding forum threads, the exception being bulletin board posts. Eggs can be found in each forum location's main page though, for example they can be found by clicking "The Library" but will not be in the discussions themselves, again, only exception is the bulletin board discussions.


3. When you have found the correct page then the main Easter egg image will glow purple.

(Click to see larger image)

4. Once your egg is glowing, then scan the page to find the hidden Easter eggs and click on them.

(Click to see larger image)

5. Next click on the egg in the pop-up to claim your prize.

6. Once you have done so, then the event will not trigger for another 15 minutes. Do be careful not to load another page as well, or refresh the current page until you have claimed your items, else you will lose your chance at your items and have to wait another 15 minutes, this is intentional.

7. To participate in the premium portion of the event, visit the Token Shop and grab the Green Easter Egg for the male premium items and/or the Pink Easter Egg for the female premium items. You need to activate this item in your travel bag after your purchase.


(Click to see larger image)

8. Form a party with other players to be notified what they found in their egg as well as receive the party buff for this event which activates the possible chance of getting 2 items in one egg.

(Click to see larger image)

9. If you don't want to receive duplicates of items you already obtained, then take a look at the Easter Basket item in the Token Shop, this ensures you get a unique item until you have them all. Do note that there are 3 sets of items (free, premium male, and premium female), once you have acquired all the items in a set, then you will start receiving duplicates for that set. You need to activate this item in your travel bag after your purchase.

Next up we have the long awaited character customization feature! You can now customize your character with all the sweet apparel items you have obtained over time, and lets not forget these new Easter items! Keep reading for more details!

(Click to see larger image)

1. Add the items you wish to use on your character to your wardrobe via your travel bag.


2. Click the link under your active character's image in the user panel.

(Click to see larger image)

3. Click on a category and select which item you would like your character to wear. Order items by clicking the "Top" and "Bottom" links to the right, "Bottom" sends the item further back and "Top" brings it to the front. Don't forget to save when you are done!


And yes, for those of you who may be wondering if Color Cubes can be used on apparel as well as companions, the answer is DEFINITELY! It has been the idea from the very start and each apparel item, as well as character and companion bases were designed specifically for this! Our goal is to allow as much customization as possible, we want to lift as many limits as we can, not only on customization but on Cybura as a whole, to ensure you have the most enjoyable and fun playing experience! Heck, even the eggs are customizable! (Resulting from breeding of course.)


Now, speaking of color cubes, that brings us into our next update, the Token Shop! This shop is Cybura's premium shop, players may now purchase the premium currency known as "Royal Tokens" and use them to purchase items that are exclusive to the Token Shop. You will find the Token Shop freshly stocked with every color cube known to man, as well as other wonderful items. Some things to note are that prices are not final, we are still in testing stage, so this is no exclusion. Tokens do not break down, it remains a whole number, so, with that said, we are open to suggestions on everything, and yes, there are token bonuses starting at the minimum transaction of 10 Tokens. More info on the Token Shop below.

(Click to see larger image)

1. Click on the "Get More" button to trigger thise pop-up. Enter the desired amount of tokens that you wish to purchase and the Token Bonus section will update showing you how many additional tokens you will receive as a bonus, if any. Once you have entered your desired amount, click "Purchase" and you will then be redirected to paypal to securely complete your purchase. Once your payment is complete then your tokens should automatically be credited to your account, unless your order is marked as "pending review" by paypal, in this case then you will receive tokens once the payment is approved by them.

(Click to see larger image)

2. Upon entering the Token Shop, you will notice the male and female base models, these are used for previewing apparel items that are in the Token Shop.

(Click to see larger image)

3. Below the models, you see the items currently in stock as well as their cost in tokens, and a preview icon if it has an apparel preview.

(Click to see larger image)

4. Click on the preview (eye) icon to preview the apparel items on the models.

(Click to see larger image)

5. Click on the item image to trigger the pop-up that will allow you to enter a quantity and add it to cart. The token amount will update automatically.

(Click to see larger image)

6. Go to your cart to complete the purchase. You may update quantities and remove items as well.

Before we move any further, lets talk a little bit about the differences between a custom item and a custom outfit. A custom outfit is your complete OC character design, in one layer, layered over the Cybura character base and is standalone, it cannot be used with any other Apparel item, the exclusions being backgrounds, foregrounds, and some trinkets. Custom outfits are not color cube compatible. A custom item however, is an item designed to your specifications, that will be made into an official Cybura item, meaning it will be fully layered, so yes, it is color cube compatible and can be worn with other Apparel items. Players will receive 5 copies of their custom items and they can be for personal use or swapped/sold. Your username will be credited in the item description and the item will not be sold in NPC shops without your consent. If you do allow your custom item to be sold in NPC shops, then you will receive a percentage in coins or bytes for each copy sold.


Okay, so, the next thing we would like to inform you about is that travel bags can now be activated via your travel bag. Once you click activate then your travel bag is instantly upgraded. It's on the small side of the updates but definitely a useful one.


Last on the updates menu, but certainly not least, it appears Celra has officially opened up his shipping service! This means you can now send and receive gifts to/from other players! Isn't this exciting?! You can send up to 12 items at once! And even provide a delivery date! That definitely will come in handy for birthdays or other special occasions, never have a package late again! Check below for details!

(Click to see larger image)

1. Enter the username of the player you would like to send items to, select the desired character (RP purposes), set what day you would like your items to be delivered, enter an optional custom message and then continue to step 2.

(Click to see larger image)

2. Step 2 will display shipping information as well as the items in your travel bag, click on the items you wish to add. To remove items, click on them as well. When you are done then click "Ship Package" and you are finished, the items will be delivered on the date specified.

Okay, so as we wrap up this amazing update, we would like to inform everyone that the fundraiser is retiring, it is being replaced with the new Token Shop, so if there is a tier you have been eyeing then you might want to claim it very soon. Also, We have found a new artist for character design and customization. For those (2 users) who are currently awaiting their custom outfits, it will be transferred to the new artist, since there has been no updates from the previous artist for a good while. Also we have made contact with our NPC artist and they are available again, so while they are, we would love to commission all of the NPC's needed for Alpha as well as some more customization items. So with that said, if you are able to, then support Cybura by purchasing tokens and reward yourself with Token Shop exclusives. We have lots of promising features in store for everyone and would love to launch Alpha soon so we can start moving out into the two other muchMoreMassiveThanTheACZ realms, but to do this, we will need your support, we would like to keep bringing you high quality art and extensive features.

"Thank you all for your support and for playing Cybura, we hope you enjoy the event as well as the new features and have a very punny day!"


Cybura Staff!